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Upcoming Shows at the Secret Gallery

The Secret Gallery

“Adventures in Toyland” July 11 – September 10, 2020 Description: Group show on the theme of “toys”. Featuring: Thomas Webb Jen Brown Ben Rosenburg Laura Barstow Gideon Pirx Marjorie Scholl “Sins of the Father” September 12 – November 12, 2020 Description: Presenting the work of contemporary artists alongside art by their fathers. Featuring: Thomas and […]

And The ‘Horse’ You Rode In On!

The Secret Gallery has lassoed some of the finest paint slingers in the West for the the wildest social distancing art hoedown that’s ever been hoed down. Featuring Colin Chillag, Jill McVarish, Michael Orwick, Hickory Mertsching, Sam Vaughan, Casebeer, and Morrison Pierce. Our May / June show will be by appointment only! Email or call […]

“Is That Your Horse?” – Western Art

Western Art Show Opens at The Secret Gallery The Secret Gallery’s March 2020 western art show titled, “Is That Your Horse?” will include art works related to the theme of “the new and old West in America”. Precariously perched in a long-abandoned hole in the wall at the western-most edge of the West, the Secret […]

Colin Chillag

Self Portrait by Colin Chillag

Colin Chillag’s work is rooted in a deep respect for traditional portraiture and American landscape painting, American history, and the history of painting. His paintings can best be described as post-hyperrealism in their ability to portray ordinary scenes in a realistic way while also revealing his process and the structure of how they’re made. The […]