The Talking Monkey

An opening reception for The Secret Gallery’s December show, “The Talking Monkey,” will be held on December 14 from 5:00pm until 9:00pm at 160 10th Street in Astoria, Oregon. In addition to new works by distinguished artists, the opening will also feature actual talking primates who will interact with visitors.

According to Secret Gallery co-founder Chris Minnick, “While we were unable to find a talking monkey, we were able to find other animals in the primate family who are capable of rudimentary forms of speech. We decided to keep the name of the show as is, even without the talking monkeys, in hopes that somewhere there is a talking monkey who will hear about it and show up. Also, some of the paintings in the show depict other animals doing interesting things that might also indicate that they’re capable of talking.”

The exhibit will feature new art works by Chris Lieb, Tyson Grumm, Jill McVarish, Kathleen Powers, Lindsay Bones, Laura Barstow, and John Smith from Arkansas and will run from December 14 until January 9.

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