And The ‘Horse’ You Rode In On!

The Secret Gallery has lassoed some of the finest paint slingers in the West for the the wildest social distancing art hoedown that’s ever been hoed down.

Featuring Colin Chillag, Jill McVarish, Michael Orwick, Hickory Mertsching, Sam Vaughan, Casebeer, and Morrison Pierce.

Our May / June show will be by appointment only! Email or call to schedule, or visit the online show on

Ballad of the Runaway Horse by Jill McVarish
Death Valley Madonna by Sam Vaughan
Western Pulp by Hickory Mertsching
The Road Itself by Casebeer
Anonymous Portrait #2 by Colin Chillag
The Horse I Rode In On by Morrison Pierce
Unapologetically Herself by Michael Orwick

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