“Is That Your Horse?” – Western Art

Western Art Show Opens at The Secret Gallery

The Secret Gallery’s March 2020 western art show titled, “Is That Your Horse?” will include art works related to the theme of “the new and old West in America”.

Precariously perched in a long-abandoned hole in the wall at the western-most edge of the West, the Secret Gallery has assembled a band of cracker jack outlaws not seen in these parts since Butch Cassidy and his gang were rustling cattle and breaking hearts.

Colin Chillag

The worst of the bunch is Colin Chillag. A mild-mannered oil-slinger with a technique that makes other painters hide their heads in shame, Colin has been featured and reviewed in such high-falutin’ rags as Hi Fructose, Modern Painter, Art in America, and the LA Times. His work hangs in galleries and museums all over tarnation. Unlike his paintings, Colin has had the good sense to avoid being hung thus far.

Hickory Merstching

Hickory Mertsching hails from back east in Portland, Oregon. He got his name from a lawman who said he was “mean enough to hunt bears with a hickory switch.” His painting will leave you grinnin’ like a jack ass eatin’ cactus.

Sam Vaughan

“Quick Draw” Sam Vaughan is a master printer and draftsman. His lithographs of General Custer have been hailed as “the best thing to happen to art since liquor.”


Mixed-media artist Casebeer mixes perty words and paint with some hell-fired inspiration. She adopted her moniker after proving the acuity of her vision by shooting a hole through 24 stacked cans with a single bullet.

Morrison Pierce

Astoria-based artist and all-around buckaroo Morrison Pierce, who recently returned from taking the taped banana art world by storm at Art Basel in Miami, is crazy enough to eat the devil with horns on.

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