Epicurious: Floral Arrangements by Tom Giesler

Tom Giesler’s new series, Epicurious, is inspired by the tasty bits and savory gems from his kitchen. His work expands the notion of floral bouquets to include edible ingredients, each chosen for their visual zest. Through contrast and positioning, his food floral paintings are intimate and surprising arrangements. 

The kitchen is where the florals begin; and surfaces and textures create a visual hum. “I obsess over food and food preparation, and my food florals are as honest and reverent to the subject as I can be.” The unconventional pairings arise from an optical palate; exploring silhouettes, contrasts and visual sensations. Tom says of his work: “I’m always on the lookout for harmonious incongruity: combinations that work together and don’t belong together.”

Epicurious will run from January 9 through March 13. Visit artsy.net/the-secret-gallery for more information.

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