Tom Giesler

Tom Giesler is a self-taught painter whose keen eye reveals his first career as a patent illustrator. While illustrating products for medical and high-tech companies in Silicon Valley he began teaching himself to paint using acrylics. Tom’s early paintings focused on imagined organic machines, expressively rendered on a large scale. He showed these large fantastical paintings in the San Francisco Bay Area throughout the late 90s and 00s.

After completing three major series—“Mechanicals,” “Organicals,” and “Anatomicals,” Tom wrote and illustrated Unventional, the humorous book of patent drawings that resist conformity and expectation. Overflowing with hundreds of detailed, sidesplitting and deadpan illustrations, the book quickly received accolades and recognition from celebrities like Al Jaffee (MAD Magazine) and Adam Savage (Mythbusters).

Most recently, Giesler’s sensitivity to texture and light have found form in oil paintings. Tom’s small but striking still lives and “floral arrangements” have evolved over the past five years inspired by the bounty of the kitchen. His work has been exhibited widely, and is held in public and private collections internationally.

He lives and works in Berkeley, California, with his wife, two children and a cat.