We’re Printing!

Our fundraiser for starting our new print shop and starting to offer fine art printing to the Oregon coast is going well! With your donations, some research, connections, volunteer labor, credit cards, and our “secret” magic, we were able to score a very gently used printer in mint condition!

We’ve also made some great connections and learned a TON about printing. We’ve burned the midnight oil and a lot of ink and paper over the last week, but we’re putting out prints that we’re crazy about now and we have our first 4 clients!

Jill’s “Everyone Was a Baby Once” is coming out great, and we’re planning to start sending prints to everyone who donates at least $60 to our fundraiser next week! This picture doesn’t do the painting or the print justice, but if you want to see the painting, visit the Riversea Gallery on Saturday! If you want to see the print, visit the Secret Gallery on Saturday. Smart people will visit both.

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