We Need a Printer, and You Need This Print!

The Secret Gallery has been open for four months now. In that time, we’ve gained respect and notoriety through our focus on high quality and unusual art and events that have a story to tell. We want to expand our business to offer limited edition prints of works by artists we represent, including Jill McVarish , Kathleen Powers , Joshua Jay Johnson , and Colin Chillag.

Our Big Idea and How You Can Help

Currently, there are no businesses on the Oregon coast that offer the type of art scanning and printing we require. To have prints made, we have to send art works to Seattle or Portland and incur significant additional costs and delays.

An opportunity exists for us to expand our business and also offer a service that’s sorely needed by at least 40 other galleries along the coast who are in a similar predicament regarding scanning and printing.

We’ve launched a campaign on GoFundMe to raise $10,000 to invest in a large format scanner and a large format ink jet printer.

Your donation will enable The Secret Gallery to survive and thrive through the ups and downs of a tourist-centric town, as well as to help coastal Oregon’s vibrant and talented artist community to reach a larger audience with high quality and affordable prints and cards.

If our campaign is successful, anyone who donates $60 or more will receive a limited-edition 8″x11″ numbered and signed print of Jill McVarish’s “Everyone Was a Baby Once” on premium archival fine art paper.

Please click here to donate and to read updates on our campaign!


-Chris and Jill

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