Secret Gallery Coffee Mugs Are In

We just got a shipment of Secret Gallery coffee mugs! We drink a lot of coffee at the gallery and we usually even have some left over to give to our customers and visitors.

Now that we have our own custom-designed coffee mugs with the Secret Gallery “Keyhole-Moon-Eye” logo, we’re also doing our part to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups we dispose of.

As if having 2-tone mugs and the Secret Gallery logo on those mugs weren’t enough, it seems we also got mugs with the handles attached upside down. Like the gallery itself, it’s the imperfections that make it perfect.

You can get your own super-rare upside-down handled Secret Gallery coffee mug at the gallery or through our website. Plus, we’ll give you free coffee (while supplies last) whenever you bring it to the gallery.

As fall and winter approach, there probably will be nothing better than coming to the Secret Gallery to check out our current exhibition, then grabbing a coffee and sitting around talking with us or browsing our magazine rack or selection of books by our artists and local authors.

See you soon!

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