The Secret Gallery will be holding its 2nd annual fundraiser for Clatsop Animal Assistance (CAA) as a series of online pet portraiture auctions. Every two weeks, starting May 1, 2020, we will feature works by one of a select group of artists. If you enjoy an artist’s work, you can bid on having that artist create an original portrait of your pet. A portion of the proceeds from the auctions will be donated to CAA.

Clatsop Animal Assistance, Inc. (CAA) is a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to promoting and providing for the needs of the Clatsop County Animal Shelter’s homeless pets. The Secret Gallery’s 2019 fundraiser and art auction for CAA raised enough money to cover 33% of CAA’s 2019 budget for spaying and neutering homeless animals.

More information about “Pet Portraits for the Puppies,” including a list of the participating artists, will be coming soon! Subscribe to the Secret Gallery’s newsletter to receive updates as soon as they’re made public!

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