Introducing Phillip P Marzipan III

The Secret Gallery is now the primary representative for Phillip P. Marzipan III.

We discovered Phillip through some drawings and short stories that were slid under the gallery door earlier this year. The stories were reminiscent of W. Somerset Maugham but with a surrealist bent. The drawings were rushed and had food stains on them, but are some of the most most powerful works in crayon and ink we’ve seen. Everything was signed “PPM3,” but no other name or contact method was included, so we held them in the gallery in hopes that their creator would return.

In August, a 24-page booklet with a thread binding and primitive color illustrations was slid under our door. Titled “Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio’s Gelatinous Morti”, it sets forth an alternative theory for how Caravaggio died. The theory is interesting, to say the least. According to this booklet, it was heroic portions of gelatin flavored with lead (lead reportedly has a sweet taste), heavy cream, and cherries that finally did him in.

The byline on the cover of the booklet was the first time we’d heard the name Phillip P. Marzipan III, and there was no question that the author of the booklet and the creator of the stories and drawings we had received months earlier were the same person.

The last page of the booklet contained a P.O. Box number in Detroit. We immediately sent a letter asking for more information about Phillip and to see more of his work. The response was slid under our door two weeks later: “Come to Detroit. I have something to show you.”

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