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Out the Window or Take the Stairs

McVarish Gallery presents part two of our “Pick a Window” show with a new show titled “Out the Window or Take the Stairs” featuring work by Colette Calasione, Casebeer, Margie Scholl, Sam Vaughan, some new additions from Colin Chillag, Tom Giesler and a completely “different” body of work from Morrison Pierce featuring the exploits of […]

Pick a Window

First it was the McVarish Gallery. Then it became The Secret Gallery. Now it’s returning to its roots. Come help celebrate the reopening of McVarish Gallery with a new show titled “Pick a Window” featuring new work by SFAI alumni, graduating classmates of 1994 Colette Calasione, Colin Chillag, Jill McVarish, Marjorie Scholl, Sam Vaughan and […]

Epicurious: Floral Arrangements by Tom Giesler

Tom Giesler’s new series, Epicurious, is inspired by the tasty bits and savory gems from his kitchen. His work expands the notion of floral bouquets to include edible ingredients, each chosen for their visual zest. Through contrast and positioning, his food floral paintings are intimate and surprising arrangements.  The kitchen is where the florals begin; and surfaces and textures […]

What Would Hieronymus Do?

Shoebill Isabella

Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450 – 1516) is considered by some to be the first surrealist painter for his dreamlike and fantastic paintings and drawings. Little is known about Bosch, however  — he left behind no writings, and 500 years after his death his personal circumstances and the meaning of his work is still a mystery.  Our […]

Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

The Secret Gallery’s September – October 2020 show, titled “Sins of the Father” will include works by contemporary artists alongside work by their fathers. Jill McVarish, curator of The Secret Gallery says, “It’s fascinating to see the work of a parent who inspired a kid to grow up to dedicate themselves to art and the […]

Secret Gallery Virtual Auctions Raise $1,675 for Clatsop Animal Assistance

The Secret Gallery held six online auctions for custom pet portraits and raised $1,675 for Clatsop Animal Assistance (CAA). CAA is a non-profit animal welfare organization that supports the Clatsop County Animal Shelter by paying for veterinary care, cat litter, grooming and other supplies and by promoting the shelter’s adoption program. CAA president Marcy Dunning […]

Adventures in Toyland

The Secret Gallery’s July – August 2020 group show, “Adventures in Toyland,” will open on July 11. The group show features new works by Gideon Pirx, Jen Brown, Thomas Webb, Ben Rosenberg, Jill McVarish, Laura Barstow, and Marjorie Scholl. A reception will be held in the gallery from noon to 8pm on July 11. View […]

Upcoming Shows at the Secret Gallery

The Secret Gallery

“Adventures in Toyland” July 11 – September 10, 2020 Description: Group show on the theme of “toys”. Featuring: Thomas Webb Jen Brown Ben Rosenburg Laura Barstow Gideon Pirx Marjorie Scholl “Sins of the Father” September 12 – November 12, 2020 Description: Presenting the work of contemporary artists alongside art by their fathers. Featuring: Thomas and […]